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Paraverse: Eerie Theories Episode 14 Paraverse – Live show and podcast series

Join us for a spine-chilling episode of Eerie Theories, where Stacey, Tasha, Luna, and Nath explore the dark corners of mysterious legends and paranormal phenomena. From bottomless pits to haunted film sets, prepare to be captivated by the stories that defy explanation.Stacey delves into the enigmatic legend of Mel's Hole, a seemingly bottomless pit in Washington state that has sparked countless theories and rumours. Stacey explores the origin, strange occurrences, and enduring fascination surrounding this bizarre phenomenon.Tasha examines the infamous 27 Club, a group of iconic musicians and artists who tragically died at 27. She delves into the eerie coincidences, the cultural impact, and the theories that seek to explain this tragic pattern.Luna takes viewers through a list of movie sets reputed to be haunted or cursed, where unexplained accidents and eerie events have occurred. Luna uncovers the chilling stories behind some of Hollywood's most famous films, separating fact from fiction.Nath looks into the lesser-known paranormal aspects of Rendlesham Forest ahead of his upcoming trip there. From shucks to the Shug Monkey, Nath tells us all about the creatures that call that area of Suffolk, home. Join Eerie Theories for an episode filled with legends, curses, and paranormal mysteries. Stacey, Tasha, Luna, and Nath invite you to question the unknown and explore the eerie stories that haunt our world. Don't miss this captivating journey into the depths of the unexplained and the supernatural.
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