Paradigm Games

Paradigm Games is run by friend of the show, Dave Hodrien.

Dave Hodrien is an active UFO investigator and the Chairman of Birmingham UFO Group. Over recent years he has designed and developed a new card game called UFO Wave.

“It’s a competitive game for 1-6 players themed entirely on the real UFO subject! In the game, you actually play as an alien species. You have to use your advanced abilities and craft to perform activities while avoiding your opponents and groups of humans who are out to thwart your efforts. The game has quirky cartoon artwork by a genuine experiencer from New York!

It’s easy to learn and understand yet deeply strategic. While it’s tongue-in-cheek and accessible, it’s also the most authentic portrayal of the subject ever seen in a tabletop game! Dave has designed it with the UFO community strongly in mind, and if you’ve got an interest in UFOs you will no doubt love all the nods to famous cases and incorporated aspects.

The game, and its optional playmat, have now been launched on”